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Remote Start Car Remote Starters Viper Smart Start
Remote Vehicle Control

At Teen Car Tracker, We know how important it is for you as parents to have some level of control on your new teenage driver's vehicle.

Ofcourse you don't want them going wild and have a car full of teenagers speeding down the street when they are supposed to be at school, Right?

 Well We not only offer Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices to monitor the speed and location of your Teenager's vehicle, but when used with a Python smart start system and Python Remote Start and Alarm, you can Start and Lock/Unlock vehicle from your smart phone, even receive instant alerts if the vehicle's alarm goes off or is moved without your permission. When installed along with some of our parts, we can disable the teenager's car key, making the vehicle locked and secure until you dis-arm the alarm and unlock the doors with the push of a button on your phone. They can then get in and turn the key and go where they are headed. After some level of trust and responsibility is gained, the device can be adjusted to give alittle more access to the teenager, and you control this every step of the way.
We make it easy to Not only monitor your teenager's whereabouts, but know each and every time they enter and leave the car and Rest easy knowing where they go along the way.


Start Vehicle with yourSmart Phone from virtually anywhere with a Python Smart Start & Remote Start System

Lock/Unlock Vehicle doors and Arm/Disarm Alarm With a Smart Start & Alarm/Keyless Entry System

Receive Instant Alerts via Text for Alarm Violations, Speed Alerts, and Unauthorized Vehicle Movements

View Real-Time Speed Data and Set Alerts to Notify you via Text if a Speed Limit has Been Violated

With a Smart Start & Remote Start/Alarm Combo and a few extra parts, we can make the Teenager's key useless, until you start the vehicle and disarm the Alarm from your Smart Phone

Blood/Alcohol Results from an in car Breathalyzer test are sent to an app on your Smart Phone for approval before vehicle can be started

A Device that will Disable the vehicle starter until the seatbelt is engaged

Teen Car Tacker offers Install Cards that are good for the professional installation of any of our devices. Can be used virtually anywhere Electronics are Installed

Python Smart Start with GPS Tracking capabilities to Start, lock/unlock, arm/disarm, receive text alerts, and track the vehicle

Accidents happen and cars break down.Have peace of mind knowing your teenager will never be stranded or broke down. We offer Towing, Tire Change, Fueling and many other roadside assistance services

This is a contract between the parents and the teenager, laying out all the guidelines and rules of the road, Giving an understanding of the responsibility being given to them by being a driver on the road, and building trust and confidence between parent's and their new teenage driver.

Call Now, Let Teen Car Tracker put You Back in the Driver's Seat!

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Customer Testimonials

"Teen Car Tracker has taken alot of the weight off our chest when it comes to our teenage daughter's first car. We have always trusted her, but we also wanted to confirm that she is driving safe. With the help of Teen Car Tracker and a Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Device, we are able to set zones around her school, Home, and job, whenever she enters the area, it lets us know, whenever she leaves it does the same. We can view the actual speed the vehicle is driving, and confirm where she is at any time day or night. We are really busy parents, so we arent able to sit in front of a computer all day, with notifications on our email and cell phone, and an Unlimited history online, it was pretty user friendly. Now we know our daughter has taken her responsibility on the road seriously. Thank you Teen Car Tracker."

Don and Debby Persons, Oakland, CA

"It's my responsibility, as a parent, to make sure that my son is driving properly. I also wanted to be able to know where his vehicle was at all times, after all I do pay for the car and his Insurance. Teen Car Tracker has Provided everything I needed to ensure I was doing my job as a parent. After I caught him lying about where he was when I was away on business, I had them install the Viper Smart Start System, now he can only drive the vehicle after I start it with my cell phone and unlock the doors for him, his key is useless until I give him permission to drive. And with the Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Device, I also know exactly where he is and how fast he is driving at all times. This is the best tool a parent with a new driver can have. Thanks again Teen Car Tracker for all your help."

Rodney Huff, Nashville, TN

"I Have 3 Teenage Children, all who have their own Vehicle. I Love Being able to see all three cars on the same screen at the same time. With Real-Time Vehicle Gps Tracking From Teen Car Tracker, I Feel Like I have Complete Control over all three of my teenagers cars at the same time, almost like i run a company fleet or something. When one of them is going over the speed limit, the gps tracking device will notify my phone instantly, and whenever one of them leaves school early, I get notified intantly, plus with constant 1 minute update GPS Tracking and a GPS bread crumb trail, I cant miss a minute of where my teenage children are in their vehicles the entire day. Thanks to Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking and GPS Vehicle control from Teen Car Tracker, Thanks Guys You Rock !!"

Terri Mitchell, Springfield, IL

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